The Pains Of Being Pure

At Heart

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The Pains of Being 

Pure at Heart


Look what you've done

What do you have now?

Things that never come

Is it time to come down?

At the back of a crowded scene

You saw the boys in white sing "I'm a pretender"

You never were a contender

I heard your same old tune, singing city sins

Like you were the first one

Gave up books for film, gave up film for time

now that you've got none

A contender

You never were a contender

Come Saturday

I can't stand to see your picture

On the dresser where I left you

Another sunny day and you're 80 miles away


But come Saturday, you'll come to stay

You'll come to sway in my arms

Who cares if there's a party somewhere?

We're gonna stay in

Come Saturday, you'll come to say

Maybe there's no harm

In a wasted summer with no drummer

We're gonna stay in

I could stand to be a fixture

In your faded family pictures

But I can't see into the sunset

All I know is that you're perfect right now

You don't have to write at all

Tou don't have to make a call

I know that you will come again and again

You don't have to dress to please

Perhaps undress for me

I know that when you come we'll be staying in

Young Adult Friction

Between the stacks in the library

Not like anyone stopped to see

We came they went, our bodies spent

Among the dust and the microfiche

Dark winters wear you down

Up again to see the dawn

In your worn sweatshirt

And your mothers old skirt

It's enough to turn my studies down

Now that you feel, you say it's not real

I never thought I would come of age

Let alone on a moldy page

You put your back to the spines

And you said it was fine

If there's nothing really left to say

You're taking toffee with your vicodin

Something sweet to forget about him

If you go your own way I will go my own way

And we'll never speak of it again

Don't check me out!

This Love Is Fucking Right!

Sweet sister, can't you find the words to say?

Your mister, he don't treat you the right way

In a dark room I can see you shining bright

You don't have to tell me twice, it's alright

In a dark room we can do just as we like

You're my sister, and this love is fucking right!

Can you go home?

Look your best friend in the eye

No, you can't go home

After where you slept last night

The Tenure Itch

His indiscretions, oh you don't mind

He says your thoughts need form

But your form's not hard to find

These late night sessions, he's master still

Just one more lesson

Leaves you twisting to his will

Every night he comes and goes again

If it isn't right, it isn't him

He makes corrections, you shut the blinds

You're talking less and less

But the words aren't hard to find

His last suggestion, it makes you ill

Still one more lesson

Leaves you twisting to his will

Stay Alive

Come on down

The furthest reaches of your nowhere town

They suck you in

The black hole kids won't let you free again

Don't you try to shoot up the sky

Tonight we'll stay alive

When it's gone

You sit and stare until the golden dawn

Can't you see?

His arms are hell and you won't ever leave

Everything With You

Start off "Sometimes…" Now it's our time

Are you with me?

Strange teenager, waiting for death at 19

Are you with me?

I'm with you and there's nothing left to do

Tell me it's true

I'm with you and the stars are crashing through

Tell me it's true

I want everything with you

Now your someone says you're no one

Are you with me?

Strange teenager, you'll never know death at 19

Are you with me?

A Teenager In Love

Now you go unseen, perfect you'll stay hidden

And I can dream of things you'll never see

Alli, please, if you are braver than the rest

There's little left that could dispute your claim

And when you'd finally gone

He tells me "She was dead all along"

He was wrong, he hadn't lived a day

The way you lived your final days

a teenager in love with Christ and heroin

Now you feel ashamed

But he feels nothing of the kind

He talks of things he wouldn't mind to try


But you've got little left to give

His touch is not a thing you'll ever miss

And if you made a stand

I'd stand with you 'til the end

But you don't need a friend when you're

A teenager in love with Christ and heroin

Hey Paul

You say you've been waiting

Waiting for someone

Waiting for some song

waiting since when you were born

For a moment when everything's alright

And everything's all white

But I just can't wait anymore

Hey Paul, where have you gone?

I want to come along

Hey Paul, what went so wrong?

Have you gone away or been left behind?

You know that I don't mind

You know that you're my kind

'Cuz when I hear "Churchbells"

Or when I see fireflies

You don't know I won't lie

One of these days you'll belong

Gentle Sons

If you shut out the sun

The day will never come

If you turn on your side

This night won't come undone

Now you say you need a friend

But we can't live again

Monday morning comes too fast

You stumble down the diamond path

And every step will be your last

The sunken eyes you just can't see

Remind me how you'll never leave

And every breath could be your last

Now you stand in the rain saying

"Nothing has changed at all"

Save the lines in your eyes

That remind me of summer's fall

Oh no, you say you need a friend

But we can't live again