Days of Abandon

Days Of Abandon

Days of Abandon

Art Smock

I want to know what happened to you

I liked you better in your art smock, mocking art rock

Without intention, without design

You said you’d never be fine with being fine, or mine

So we went out to see your favorite band

Left when we saw they were bone and skin and 77

And I wanted to be something like you

And nothing like them

What you wanted I never knew

I was a mess but so were you

I should have guessed it was going to fall

To pieces in my hands again

I’m broken where I stand again

I never learn this lesson right

But I want you here

You learned to mingle with a well-bred crowd

Straightened your hair and forgot all about

Torn jeans and sweaters from the lost and found

Dropped some pounds

And the people that you used to hang around

What you wanted I never knew

I was a mess but you turned so cruel

I should have guessed it was going to fall

When I spent the night it just felt wrong

Like a Felt song, I’m off the throne

And I need you here, and you’re not around

Simple and Sure

Outside there's a man who can't make up his mind

Looking for something he may never

He's got a girl, with blisters, who tries to understand

She's in love with a complicated man

But I never found it so hard

No, I never was a good deal

'Cause I will never find anyone so absolutely fun

As I found in you

It might seem simple but I'm sure

I just wanna be loved, just wanna be loved

It won't be easy but I know

I simply wanna be sure, just wanna be sure

I knew a man in complicated times

And it's so difficult to decide

We should be out there, how low we should be

In the words of the sick it will come


Hunt me with your blackened eyes

Would you run to the end of the world?

Tell me how you can’t be kind,

Would you run to the end of the world?

‘Cuz I know you’re violent, and I know you’re true

And there’s a thousand lives you’d like to try

But never do

But if you come with me, we could find just two

Kelly tell me all you like

If it’s filthy films and swill I think we just might

Kelly tell me all you’d live without

If it’s quotes as jokes and coke

Then we should hang around

Passed out on the train again

Woke up at the end of the world

So you’re a lush with a healthy mistrust

Of any man who says you must

Be someone’s baby, or nobody at all,

With a thousand lives so circumscribed

They’re not lives at all

But if you come with me, we could lose them all

Tell me everything

Beautiful You

When we came together, I took it all too far

Barricade the bedroom, let me drown in your arms

Bottles in the window, catch the fading sun

Tell me that we’re still so young

But you’re wrong, so wrong

I felt forever in a day, and then I let it slip away

So are you happy where you are?

So far from me

Still all I need is you, beautiful you

with poison in your locket, filthy hand in mind

So lost to me

All I could never be is you, beautiful you

Martyr in your garters, harder than I’ll ever be

Now I see you, sunken-eyed and restless sucking filters

Swollen pride in dresses made for children

You pinned me like a film star on your bedroom wall

I told you all I knew was true

You laughed and said, “That’s all?”

I miss you in the morning

holding on to fading dreams

I could never believe

I lost forever in a day

And still I’ve never felt the same

So are you happy where you are?

Coral and Gold

I’ve been waiting for you, just waiting for you

When you gonna turn?

I’ve been tracing your spine

Mixing your blood with mine

When you gonna turn?

When you gonna turn around and tell me how

All I want won’t be

Coming down to where I’m found, your silent vows

Steal the life from me

I’ve sentenced myself to the outskirts

I’ve wandered the places we’d go

I drank down the streets with a taste of defeat

‘Til the sky turned to coral and gold

You’re further than the ocean goes, my love

You’re further than the ocean goes

And my love’s not enough

To reach you


Out of my sight, but not out of mind

You had to leave the living behind

And I couldn’t see

So I shut my eyes and dreamt you were here

Or dreamt I was there in hell or thin air

And I wouldn’t leave

Eurydice, I never stop losing you

I turned cold in September air

I wanted to follow you anywhere

But you weren’t anywhere I could go

To the end of the street where you lived

Hit the door and walk right in

See your eyes like the sky again

Hear you laugh at the strangest thing

In the summer rain alone I cried

I couldn’t stand to think heaven was a lie


Twist your body like your mind

A constant aversion to forgo perversion

No one notices when you’re shut up

Or beat up covertly in places I can’t see

Eternally, internally you are free

Though they try to chain you

You don’t mind

Eternally, internally you are free

Even if they shame you

Would you mind, when you’re mine

Sweet masokissed in the morning mist

Why would you ever leave this place

When all I need is your chip-toothed smile

To know that life’s more than ok?

Sweet masokssed if it came to it

Would you go all the way?

‘Cuz that’s what Jesus did, but I don’t care for him

And I want you here to stay

Don’t set me free

Until The Sun Explodes

Wrap me up or shoot me down

Just keep me close to you

I feel so wrong when the curtain’s drawn

Are you coming to?

If we’d stay clean what could we be?

I guess I’ll never know

But say to me you’ll stay with me

Until the sun explodes

Tell me now you know somehow

Things will turn out right

If we stay dressed in our funeral best

And sleep with open eyes

But you don’t look right in the hospital light

Breathing soft and slow

But I’ll say to you I’ll stay with you

Until the sun explodes

Life After Life

I still care about Christian

Does he care about me?

When I see him around he looks down

Afraid of what he’ll see

And I know there’s a heaven

That he’s trying to find

But it’s hell that he makes, callous and afraid

Of the ones he’s left behind

And the touch of his body, so tender and cruel

When he made me play girlfriend

There wasn’t much I could do

He’d come to my garret

And we’d make something like love

But the flowers he gave me have wilted

But I keep them, like I keep him

He wants a life after life

But the world he didn’t love

And the one he didn’t love

Should have been

Night after night

But the world he didn’t love

And the one he didn’t love

Will never know


When he makes his confessions

When he says his prayers

And kneels beside his bed in the moonlight

Is a part of me there?

He’s taken up with a new girl

Who keeps his conscience clean

And tells him he’s a keeper

Though I don’t know if he knows what that means

The Asp In My Chest

Serpent friend of mine, your venom sweet as wine

Still I don’t believe you

Possess my hopes and then

Don’t know what came of them

Still I just don’t leave you

Perhaps the fault is mine, and this the final time

You set yourself upon me

The fall will not be far, can still see what we were

And won’t be anymore

When the venom comes I’ll close my eyes

As my body numbs and life unties

I will feel your pull one last time

Then will I escape you?