What to do, nothing new

We tried each other, let's try another

When you came through the door

I felt everything and nothing that I had before

Tell yourself it's not yourself

But no one else can make me know there's no one else

When you came through the door

I was sure you never even felt the floor

I know it is wrong, but we just don't belong

In their eyes, in the sun

No we just don't belong

Change your mind and stop the time

That comes between us, that bends beneath us

If you're mine, I don't mind

We tried another, let's try each other

In hospitals, in shopping malls

With heavy heads and locker walls

An empty street at 3 a.m.

You told me you're not one of them

We took a vow to never sleep

While there was still air left to breathe

And you're the same, so slightly strange

Among the fakes you knew the pains

Heaven's Gonna Happen Now

Justine, you're dying just to hear the sound

And dreaming of another town

Cuz nothing here is going on

Right now, cuz all your real friends are words

You've never ever been so sure

That what you've got can't be cured

And now, nothing's gonna turn us down

You can't sit there and look scared

When everything's happening now

Come on, nothing's gonna turn us down

So don't stand there like you don't care

Cuz heaven's gonna happen now

Look down, don't see yourself between the lines

Just tell them that you're doing fine

Cuz I can tell you're doing time

In a cell that looks just like a family home

Where solitaire is all you know

And there's nowhere that you could go

Break down, or maybe just break the skin

You're writing down everything

Cuz words are still a faithful friend

So now, tell me what you're gonna do

Cuz I can see the fire in you

And I can see it's burning through

Heart In Your Heartbreak

Take a look around when you're going down

'Cuz you'll never feel so high

As when you hid in her arms in the sky

And the world slept

And there's no use to say just how much it kills

When it still kills all the same

Every thought of her name

Like a hand to an open flame

She was the heart in your heartbreak

She was the miss in your mistake

And no matter what you take

You're never going to forget

She was the tear in a rainstorm

She was the promise that you would've sworn

And no matter what you say

It's never gonna come back

An ambulance goes by, and you wonder why

It never stops when you want it to

It never stops when you need it to take you away

And your friends don't understand

That the world could end

And it would feel no worse than this

Every thought of the look in her eye

Like a cold California sky

And no matter what you pray

It's never gonna take the pain away

And even if she'd stay you know it's wrong

'Cuz even if she'd stay, you know she's gone

The Body

Come on now stop staring at the ceiling

Your last daydream is slowly unreeling

Won't you come out tonight, like I know you want to

'Cuz the city's alive

And even though it haunts you, I want you

To tell me again what the body's for

'Cuz I can't feel it anymore

I want to hurt like it did before

We shouldn't sin

Tell me again what the body's for

'Cuz I can't feel it anymore

I lost mine and I need yours

It's only skin, we could swim

You try so hard to keep it together

And you look so hard in fishnets and leather

But I know who you are, you are just a lost saint

And if we go too far, there'll be heaven to pay

And what a price…

I can't feel it anymore

Tell me again what the body's for

Anne With An E

The things we used to do

When the nightmare wouldn’t end

Turn up the sight of you and feel it all again

The posters on the wall that were our only friends

Their lives we never knew, but oh how we imagined

Let’s go out tonight and do something that’s wrong

'Cuz I don’t feel alright when disaster’s gone

Anne with an E you’re everything to me

Take your sweater off and wear your spikes again

'Cuz you can’t get off on that medicine

We’ll call in sick tomorrow

And shake ’til we can’t speak

And know it won’t get better

But still you wanna see

Our bodies fall apart and lose the will to breathe

And fall asleep forever in perfect harmony

Even In Dreams

You can drive around all night

With the radio on high

And wonder what it's like to be liked

And never feel out of time

You’re not the only one, you’re just my only one

Even in dreams I could not betray you

If I could shut my eyes

And disconnect my mind

There’s just one thought I’d think

I’d think it all the time

'Cuz there’s nobody like you

Is that why they don’t like you?

You are cold and dead to their jokes

Yeah, there’s nobody like you

Is that why they don’t like you, like I do?

And I do

My Terrible Friend

What did you take?

Cuz that's what I'll take

And I can't take it without you

When I feel dead, I lay in my bed

I don't want to lay here without you

Now you can't stand, well I understand

You can take my heavy hand

Cuz I can't resist the touch of your lips

I feel the bliss on my fingertips, oh shit

And I'm scared that this could end

Face down in the park again

Wondering where I left my mind last night

But that's alright

Tou're my terrible friend

Everyone is pretty and fun

Everyone is lovely and young

Everyone is gentle and gone

But everyone's just everyone

And you're the one who's breaking me

And you're the one who just won't leave

Still I don't want it to end

You are my terrible friend

Girl of 1,000 Dreams

Held my breath, thought of death

And things I’d like to do ’til then

See my friends, lose my head

Wake up with you in my bed

When every feeling feels the same

And every creeper knows your name

He makes a pass on a passing train no shame

I know everything is so-so

I know you could just fly solo

But come on, we are going to go go

Around the world

'Cuz you're the girl of 1,000 dreams

Sadness hurts, but that’s ok

Get back up and cry again

Fall asleep in outer space

But wake up at your parents’ place

So tell me how I’m supposed to live

When every night you die for it

So if you give, just say you won’t give in

Too Tough

Queen Anne, you’re lying in the wasteland

You wanted just a taste, then

You couldn’t quite replace him

Lost son, we never knew you all wrong

You never got to die young

still swaying in the cold sun

You’re too tough to say that it’s all too much

So say it’s enough

His hands are beautiful but so damned

He’s talking like a new man

But you’ve been here before, Anne

This night could hardly be the last night

He’s looking for a good fight

You’re looking for a goodbye


When everyone was doing drugs

We were just doing love

A stranger said you’re strange like me

Ana, our dreams are coming true

Don’t tell me that a day will come

When we dress like everyone

'Cuz I can tell you’re strange like me

Don’t say the hour’s growing late

Don’t say we should be going straight

'Cuz I can tell you’re strange like me

And dreams can still come true

And it’s coming true for you