The Echo of Pleasure

The Echo Of Pleasure

The Echo of Pleasure

My Only

If all your questions answer all the same

And all this tension makes the matter so plain

See you like sea blue from a desert shore

How much I need you, I just want you more

Now that I said it, don’t you forget you’re my only

Now that you’re here, I don’t have a fear

You’re my only

So keep it together, I won’t find another

Love like I found you

You know I breathe for you

The blood on your lip and the empty street

You tightened your grip, whispered you wouldn’t sleep

Until you saw sea blue from a winter shore

I couldn’t stop you, I couldn’t fight no more

You’re my only


Black eyes in the summer sublime

Now your blood has turned to wine

Don’t be so quick to call me a child

Came to with the curtains drawn

No need to hide the scars on your arms

Was then I knew nothing was wrong

Anymore, I couldn’t take anymore

I wanted to die with you

I didn’t know the price I’d pay

I lost my way, don’t say it wasn’t true

But could you never learn to behave

Like a middle class kid with the privilege to save

Your barbs for a private page?

Don’t need to be told what I’ll never be


The Garret

The light of our lives burns down

Waiting for hours and hours

Our hunger is just a hum

Another distraction

But in your arms

I feel lost and torn

Call to a silent room

The answer comes so crystal

It’s not like you need to learn

We’re tied to each other

In your arms

I feel a stranger faith

Forget the countless ways

I am so alien, a prisoner in skin

Our bodies break like glass

And shatter all our fears

I want to know you then

When heaven disappears

Tears in your heart remain

And nothing I do could ever undo

But I want to stay halfway the same

Now I fear you’re drifting beyond me

The words I say don’t say

The touch is what I need

You take my youth away

And leave me with no need

When I leave you, I can’t leave you

Part of me remains

In the garret above, it was never enough

When I Dance With You

When I dance with you, I feel ok

‘Cuz I know just what to do

You get so down, I try to comfort

But sometimes words

They don’t do anything much at all

You tell me how we’re so different

You got a vision

But I can’t see beyond an afternoon

I don’t know how I’ll make money

Just want enough so you never have to worry

Who will we be in 2030?

Oh I can’t say, but I’d like it

If I always knew where you are

When I dance with you

Everyone else just slides out of view

When I dance with you

I feel just like there’s nothing I can do

But move the way you move

When I dance with you

I feel okay

The Echo Of Pleasure

Locked in your bedroom, the others distracted

Like sisters in secret you asked

With unusual substance if I wished I could feel it

Like the first or the second time we met

A rush then desire, you cut me in

hough I knew I never was

Like you beautiful, like you born to rule

I can hear it still, faint and chill

The echo of pleasure can’t return

Just fade into these silent days

The echo of pleasure

I was young and sick with love

Now I’m sick with something else

The curve of your spine as you knelt to your idol

Hollow and holier you swore

It was only for pleasure, the rush then desire

You turned on me, though I knew I never was

Like you scared to live, like you full of shit

I can hear it still

That was then and this is nowhere

‘Cuz you are nowhere near

And I can still hear

The echo of pleasure

Falling Apart So Slow

Don’t turn your golden shoulders away

I’ve spoken to the strawberries

Who miss you all the same

So tell me we won’t come undone again, again

Those muscle car boys

they know just what we need

Zero to anywhere is alright with me

Summer comes and summer dies

Kiss me like we’re half alive

Say what I already know

Take my hand, we’re falling apart so slow

I’ve said goodbye to all my missing friends

Told them I was losing just one more weekend

Winter comes and windows cry

Tell me I should come inside

Breathing but it’s soft and low

Take my hand, we’re falling apart so slow

Springtime comes we’re still alive

Twist me to your twisted side

Crush your wrist to get a pulse

The world ends for everyone else

Don’t tell me what you want to see

When all I lost was symmetry

You’re laughing but it’s long ago

Take my hand, we’re falling apart so slow

So True

Olga steals drinks from distracted men in bars

While she dreams of the Soviets’ return

It’s the price they should pay for thinking anyone her age

Should hear what they say

If you don’t wake up looking like death in the grass

How do you know that you’re not like the rest

And I know that you’re not going to rest

And I know that you’re really so true

Ylva chains herself to a rig in the sea

And nearly dies in the week she’s there

In a city sick with wealth and little else

It’s good to feel nothing at all

If you don’t lose some skin for the things you believe

How do you know that you really do

And I know that you really do

And I know that you’re really so true

Now you’re tied to each other

but by winter you’ll wonder

If boredom was just an excuse

For locking your arms as the black passing cars

Cast silhouettes of your youth

If you don’t lose your breath or the things you believe

How can you know if you really do

And I know that you really do

And I know that you’re really so true

But I could never be

The Cure For Death

Hold no hand, still she pulls you

Don’t look back, stills she follows you

As the North Sea screams

You’ll cross the boundary

And it feels like nothing feels like

And the cure for death is

Wild and breathless

When you lost more than you’ll ever know

Don’t die away

And you’ll walk all night

With a wounded hunter’s stride

But when she’s near you’re almost scared<

Nothing could be so clear

And you want to stay like a runaway

When you need more than you'll ever know

Don't die away


A city of strangers all know you’re name

Circling ‘round, moths to a fire

If I know you better, I shouldn’t say

I’m losing my words, but keeping my way

And I will stay with you

When everyone’s gone, when everyone runs

Yes I will still be true

When everyone turns, when everyone runs

To some other sun

Come Sunday morning drowning in dawn

Could this be the end of an endless night?

When the music dies and the lights come on

I’ll stay with you

When you feel your days are running down

I’ll stay with you